MKFM Review: Dining in at Greek Grill Cafe in Milton Keynes

    "If you're looking for a quick and easy food stop that will send your taste buds on an adventure, then you need to visit the Greek Grill Cafe," says Sam from MK's Finest in her food review...

    The Greek Grill Cafe is a hidden gem in Wolverton Mill that serves up authentic Greek food in a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. 

    It is a family-run business that has an incredibly simple yet effective philosophy: to share their favourite family recipes. And that philosophy is clear throughout the whole business. You can almost taste the passion and love in every single bite of their food!

    Lia from the MK Breakfast Show, who is 3/4 Greek Cypriot, tried The Greek Grill Cafe back in March 2021 when the nation was in lockdown. 

    She reviewed the takeaway experience and could not speak any higher of the restaurant, so once restrictions eased I knew exactly where I was heading... 

    First impressions

    The Greek Grill Cafe is so much more than just... a cafe. It is a place where a family has come together to share their food with the local community. This family feel is apparent as soon as you walk in the door. The cafe itself is very open, airy and has plenty of natural daylight. 

    It was the first cafe/restaurant that I have visited since social distancing eased, but I must say that I felt incredibly safe. The doors and windows were open, a sanitiser station was at the front door, and the tables were spaced out. This meant that I could take a seat in a comfortable booth knowing that I was safe and able to enjoy my experience without any worries.


    I visited The Greek Grill Cafe for lunch with one of the MKFM team, Irish Jo, and her 6-year-old daughter Laila. After we sat down, we were greeted by one of the lovely waitresses who gave us some menus. She even gave Laila a colouring-in sheet which was a nice touch. 

    We then ordered some tasty, fresh cappuccinos before asking the waitress for her food recommendations. She explained how the Souvlaki Wraps - which are made up of meat, salad, chips, and homemade tzatziki - are incredibly popular.

    I was tempted to opt for a Souvlaki Wrap but Jo and I decided to get some meat plates so that we could share instead. Before the mains though, we decided to get two starters to share - why not! 

    We opted for the Greek Salad, which is made up of tomatoes, cucumber, onions, peppers, olives, Greek feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil & oregano, and the Halloumi.

    The Greek Salad took me back to my childhood holidays in Kefalonia. There was a perfect mix of crunch, alongside the incredibly fresh feta cheese. The portion size was very generous too - it could have served a table of four! 

    The Halloumi was just as tasty. Sometimes I find halloumi can be slightly squeaky and chewy, but this was cooked to perfection. It had a slight saltiness to it which was complemented by the sweet vinegarette. 

    As we polished off the starters, Laila's children's meal came out. She ordered chicken nuggets and chips, a classic! Jo was impressed at how the chicken nuggets were fresh and of high quality, not like some of the processed nuggets that you see elsewhere.

    Moving onto the main course, we shared the Chefs Special Mixed Meat Grill, which had 1 Chicken skewer, 1 pork skewer, 1 lamb chop, chips and salad. We also shared the Grilled Chicken Breast, served with more salad, chips and pitta bread.

    Now, let me tell you that the mixed grill is a must-try for any meat-eater! The skewers are seasoned to perfection and cooked on BBQ grills, so you can taste the smokiness of the charcoal. The meat is locally sourced from a butcher in Stony Stratford so it is incredibly fresh, nothing like I have ever tasted before!

    The grilled chicken breast was tender, juicy and everything you could want. It was cooked perfectly and had similar seasonings to the other skewers, but somehow the chef made every bite taste unique! It was grilled so it was incredibly healthy and did not make me feel bloated afterwards, despite me having plenty of chips! 

    The kind waitress then brought us some fresh juicy cherries which were a brilliant way to cleanse the palate before moving onto the sweet.

    We opted for Baklava, which is a layered pastry dessert that is very popular in Greece. I had only ever eaten small slices of baklava, so when a large cake-like slice was brought out I was in heaven! It was served hot, paired with traditional vanilla ice cream. The warm syrup, flaky pasty and cool ice cream worked well together. I managed to take a photograph before it was quickly eaten up...

    The coffee walnut cake and caramel slices were tasty, too. These are traditional cafe desserts and they did not disappoint! Perfect to pair with a tea or coffee.

    Final thoughts 

    The Greek Grill cafe is quickly becoming one of my favourite additions to the local food scene. It serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and even just drinks so there is something for you no matter what you are looking for. 

    The cafe prides itself on supporting local businesses. So you know that when you are buying their food, you are not only supporting one independent business, you are also supporting a local butcher, vegetable supplier, and so much more. 

    If you're in the area then it's worth popping in for a quick bite to eat or drink. Alternatively, it's perfect for an evening out as they have bubbles, beer and wine! 

    The Greek Grill Cafe is open Monday - Thursday from 8am to 4pm, Friday 8am to 8pm, and Saturday from 10am to 8pm. 

    You can find them at: 1 Harnett Drive, Wolverton, ​Milton Keynes, MK12 5NF. To find out more, or take a look at the menu, please click here.

    Stay tuned to MK's Finest as a video review will be coming soon...

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