Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

    • 12:00am

      MKFM Up All Night

      Playing All The Hits - all night long!

    • 6:00am

      Michael Blades

      Join Michael Blades for Milton Keynes only dedicated radio news service plus weather and fun in the morning!

    • 10:00am

      Darren & Lia

      MK Live has all your local information during the lockdown

    • 2:00pm

      Matt Rayzie

      Matt is Playing All The Hits to get you through your weekday afternoon.

    • 4:00pm

      Mikey Faulkner

      Mikey is on MKFM Drive with dedicated travel news for Milton Keynes and plenty of fun!

    • 7:00pm

      James Martin

      James has all the local info and some of the biggest songs around right now.

      Listen Live

    • 9:00pm

      Mark Stevens

      Join Mark for late night chat plus some of the biggest songs around right now.

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