Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

    • 12:00am

      MKFM Up All Night

      Playing All The Hits - all night long!

    • 5:00am

      James Summers

      James is up milking the cows and playing MK's Biggest Hits as we enter a brand new day

    • 7:00am

      The MK Breakfast Show with Darren & Lia

      Our very own Richard and Judy are back to wake you up every weekday morning. All the very latest news, weather and travel for Milton Keynes plus loads of chances to win some goodies.

      Listen Live

    • 10:00am

      Andrea Fox

      Andrea is back on MKFM with your local information and MK's Biggest Hits

    • 1:00pm

      The MKFM Lunch Break

      Sam Carmichael from News presents an hour of all the latest local news and MK's Biggest Hits

    • 2:00pm

      Matt Rayzie

      Matt is Playing All The Hits to get you through your weekday afternoon.

    • 4:00pm

      Michael Blades

      Michael is on MKFM Drive with dedicated travel news for Milton Keynes and plenty of fun!

    • 7:00pm

      Mikey Faulkner

      Mikey has all the local info and some of the biggest songs around right now.

    • 10:00pm

      Mark Stevens

      Join Markfor late night chat plus some of the biggest songs around right now.

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