Monday, June 14th, 2021

    • 12:00am

      MKFM Up All Night

      Playing MK's Biggest Hits all night with the latest news on the hour

    • 4:00am

      James Summers

      James is up milking the cows and playing MK's Biggest Hits as we enter a brand new day

    • 7:00am

      The MK Breakfast Show with Darren & Lia

      Darren & Lia have all the latest news, weather and travel and loads of great music to start your day

    • 10:00am

      Andrea Fox

      Join Andrea for 3 hours of top tunes and topical banter to get you through the day. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

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    • 1:00pm

      Sam Carmichael

      Sam has the latest local news and MK's Biggest Hits

    • 4:00pm

      Michael Blades

      With everything that’s happening across MK, Michael and some fab special guests are getting you home with a giggle. Plus travel every 20 minutes.

    • 8:00pm

      Mikey Faulkner

      Mikey has all the local info and some of the biggest songs around right now.

    • 11:00pm

      Simon Tuck

      Late Night Love with one hour of chilled vibes

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