Photos show devastating impact that littering is having on Milton Keynes' parks

Photo: The Parks Trust

More photographs have been released that show the devastating impact litter is having on Milton Keynes' parks and green spaces.

Councillors and organisations, including The Parks Trust, have spoken about the increase in rubbish being left in local areas over the past year.

At the start of June 2020, The Parks Trust collected over 800 bags of litter from Milton Keynes' parks in just one week alone. 

This even led to children creating 'do not litter' signs and pinning them up in popular walking areas, including Bury Fields in Newport Pagnell.

It seems the problems have continued, with many communities regularly organising litter picks, and official anti-litter posters being displayed across the city.

MKFM is regularly sent photographs of beauty spots that have been covered in litter, and today (11/6) The Parks Trust has shared devastating photos of what Campbell Park looks like following a day of sunshine. 

The Parks Trust spends around £350,000 on collecting litter from their parks across Milton Keynes; this money could instead be spent on providing additional services or improving parkland. 

Aside from being an eyesore, litter can be incredibly harmful to wildlife. The Parks Trust explains: "Dealing with litter is expensive and time-consuming for us. It's also harmful to local wildlife and can be blown into MK’s waterways and eventually end up in the ocean."

There are penalties for littering in local parks, and offenders can be found due to mobile CCTV being in operation. 

The penalties are set at £80 (for littering and dog fouling) and £400 for dumping rubbish. This is not a money-making exercise as the fines go to the Local Authority Enforcement Team, who once receiving the evidence undertake an investigation, which in turn has a cost.

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