Chris Oliver

    Check out MKFM Sunday lunch every Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.

    Chris brings you the very best mix of music and a whole hour of old school anthems from 3pm to 4pm

    Trust Chris to brighten up your Sunday afternoon and get you nice and relaxed or continue the party from the weekend.


    My hometown before MK - I've always lived in Milton Keynes but was born in Northampton.

    The best thing about Milton Keynes – It has everything you could ever need why go elsewhere.

    My first jobs – Dog walker and paperboy, then left school and went into the security industry and well the rest is history.

    When I’m not on the radio – I’m always working, any down time I love spending with my girls; my partner and two daughters.

    My favourite artists we play are – Jonas Blue, Little Mix, Rita Ora

    If I won on the MK Secret Sound – I'd pay off my credit card

    Favourite Food – My homemade spag bowl/pizza

    I dislike – Rude people, peas and the cold

    Apart from my show, my favourite show on MKFM - DJ Hurley on Friday Night in the Mix because then I know the weekend has started.

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