MKFM REVIEW: And Then There Were None at Milton Keynes Theatre

    Agatha Christie’s 'And Then There Were None' is tense, teasing and the ultimate psycho-killer thriller.

    Eight strangers and two servants have been invited to attend a soiree at an eerie and isolated Soldier Island.

    Events take an unnerving turn for all when a gramophone plays ‘The Swan Song’ after dinner announcing and condemning each and every one of a murder, in which justice was never served.

    Justice is then duly dished out via a succession of murders on the accused, leaving those awaiting their individual fate pointing fingers of accusation at the remaining souls. As the play progresses the audience is gripped and the suspicions become greater on each surviving individual.

    What I love about Christie’s work and this theatre show is how the levels of suspicion forever challenge and test your own personal sleuth skills but never reveal the truth until the final twist is revealed. 

    Everybody is a suspect and throughout the play you personally strive to confirm your own instincts, only to then be swayed and convinced otherwise.

    As you would expect for such an esteemed show, the acting ensemble were professional, bringing depth to each character and great timing to provide unexpected comedy moments throughout the production.

    My only criticisms would be I felt the pace was too slow, especially in the first act and some of the accents used were unconvincing. To be fair, following the interval the tempo raised with each reveal to match the excitement of the play’s moment of conclusion.

    To sum up, And Then There Were None provides all the evidence as to why it’s the legendary author’s bestselling crime novel of all time.


    Performances: Tue 6 Feb - Sat 10 Feb 2024

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