MKFM Review: Sukhothai - Thai Massage and Spa

    Lia from MKFM Drive was invited to the new spa and massage centre in the historic town of Fenny Stratford, Bletchley, and here is her full review...

    Nothing quite gets you through a busy day at work than knowing you have a relaxing massage booked in for the end of the day and my trip to Sukhothai Thai Massage & Spa certainly did not disappoint. I don't say this lightly, it was by far the best massage I have ever had!

    From the moment you arrive to Sukhothai in the heart of Fenny Stratford you are transported to the tropics of Thailand. With a welcoming smile from Da and Jay Jay you are put straight at ease as you sit on their comfortable sofa and start with a relaxing foot bath, washing away the stresses of the day while having a refreshing cold water to keep hydrated. 

    I was then invited to change into a robe and put slippers on before heading into the most relaxing haven for the next 60 minutes. The lights were low, there were sounds of running water and gentle spa music setting the tone for ultimate tranquillity.

    The aromatherapy Thai massage was the perfect combination of aromatherapy oil massage with rolling and stretching movements, whilst following the style of a traditional Thai massage. Jay Jay applied oil to my entire body to relax my muscles, relieve stress and tiredness while using the perfect mixture of acupressure techniques to ease tension and increase circulation throughout the body.

    It was honestly the perfect combination for me and the massage was total bliss. The pressure and movements that Jay Jay applied was exactly what me and my knots needed! I have been lucky enough to experience a traditional Thai massage before but this ticked every box - the decor, the environment, and the massage were total heaven.

    I'm already so excited for my next trip to Sukothai with my family and friends!

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    Telephone number: 01908 105806


    Address: Sukhothai - Massage and Spa, 49 Church Street, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK2 2NY

    Opening hours: 

    • Monday: CLOSED
    • Tuesday: 09:30 - 20:00
    • Wednesday: 09:30 - 20:00
    • Thursday: 09:30 - 20:00
    • Friday: 09:30 - 21:00
    • Saturday: 09:30 - 21:00
    • Sunday: 09:30 - 18:00

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