Shocking picture shows underpass litter 'getting worse every day' in Milton Keynes

    A local resident has contacted MKFM to say that litter in a Milton Keynes underpass is 'getting worse every day'.

    Local resident Gail tweeted the image of the underpass last night in the Oldbrook area of the city.

    The image shows a massive amount of rubbish which has been left in the underpass.

    A huge amount of cardboard can be seen as well as plastic bags, pizza boxes and plastic bottles.

    There is also a huge amount of graffiti present on the walls of the underpass.

    Milton Keynes had a huge problem with litter over the Summer period this year.

    Back in May, The Parks Trust reported a 'significant issue' with rubbish being left next to bins in Milton Keynes.

    And in June, local children were forced to make 'do not litter' signs as littering continued to increase across the city.

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