MK Labour Party raise questions over Conservative-DUP deal

    The Labour Deputy Leader of MK Council Cllr Hannah O’Neill has called on Milton Keynes Conservative MPs to reject any deal involving the Democratic Unionist Party.

    It was revealed today that the Conservative Party had agreed to a 'confidence and supply' agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, who have 10 MPs.

    The new deal gives Prime Minister Theresa May the required number of MPs needed to govern with a majority. 

    But Labour figures say the DUP is controversial as they have allegedly previously denied climate change exists, opposed LGBT rights, supported creationism being taught in schools as science and opposed freedom of choice for women on abortion.

    Cllr O’Neill is now calling for Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart to follow other Tory MPs and speak out against any such deal and oppose any Tory deal with the Northern Irish party.

    Her call comes after she finished second in the election for a Member of Parliament for Milton Keynes South earlier this week. Cllr O'Neill did however considerably reduce the majority of Conservative Iain Stewart to just 1,725 from a majority of 8,672 in 2015.

    Cllr O’Neill said “Having had their majorities slashed after a disastrous early General Election for the Conservatives, will our local MPs now speak out against any deal with a party whose views will no doubt disturb the vast majority of people in Milton Keynes, including those who voted Conservative?”

    “The DUP have views that will horrify most people. They are anti-LGBT, anti-climate change, anti-science and anti-women. They have fringe views that deserve to be marginalised in a modern society, not brought into the heart of government.”

    “Milton Keynes is a fantastic, tolerant and open City. Our MPs should say to Theresa May they clearly oppose working with the DUP in any form, or they risk showing the people of MK they care more about power than the values of our City.”

    Responding to the calls to reject a deal, MP for Milton Keynes North Mark Lancaster said: "Now more than ever the country needs stability and certainty as we embark on Brexit and beyond. The election returned a hung parliament which means we have to work with other parties to provide that stability for the foreseeable future."

    "Mine and Iain's role is to ensure Milton Keynes has the strongest voice possible in Parliament and that is what we will deliver."

    Speaking to MKFM on Thursday, Mark Lancaster MP said "If we ended up doing a deal with the DUP then there's a perfectly strong government there."

    Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South, added: "The DUP will not be a part of the government and any deal will not mean compromising on issues such as LGBT rights which is a touchstone issue for me."

    "Mark and I will always work in the best interests of Milton Keynes and the rest of the UK."

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