Father and daughter from Two Mile Ash shed the pounds with help from Diamond Coach

    A father and daughter from Two Mile Ash near Milton Keynes have shared their successful weight loss journey having lost six stone with the help of a Diamond Weight Watchers coach.

    Kevin Smith aged 52 and his daughter Charlotte,25, kick started their journey to get fit and healthy together in time for a family friend’s wedding in which Charlotte was a bridesmaid for. Kevin explains the encouragement he had from his daughter as his weight loss companion: 

    “I had been told by my doctors that my cholesterol was very high, and I wanted to lose weight for the wedding. Having tried Weight Watchers before, I knew what the process was, and to have the added support from my daughter was really encouraging." 

    When Kevin first joined Weight Watchers he was 17 stone, and set himself a target to lose four stone. Charlotte was lacking confidence ahead of starting a new job after university as well as striving to feel good at her friend’s wedding. She set herself a target of losing two stone, and within five months of joining the programme, were half way to their goal. Kevin explains why Weight Watchers is a liveable weight loss plan:

    “Weight Watchers enables you to lead a normal life. You can eat what you want as long as you track it which means you don’t miss out when you’re at events or on holiday. The app is great too as it always allows me to track when I am on the go and means that I am always able to stay on track and make better choices by tracking before eating.”

    With Weight Watchers no food is off limits, and members are given round the clock support from nutritionally trained Coaches, members and advanced online tools. Charlotte explains how this plan has worked for her and her dad: 

    "Having my dad's support has been amazing and it's definitely made it easier to stick to the plan - we've really been able to help each other. I've tried to diet on my own in the past and it's not worked. Our Coach Lisa has been a great support to us and keeps us motivated. Everyone at the meetings helps and supports each other and you can always pick up hints and tips from other members." 

    Both Charlotte and Kevin have maintained their weight loss goal for a year now and continue to attend their Weight Watchers meeting in Loughton. Earlier this year, their coach Lisa was awarded Weight Watchers Diamond Coach status, thanks to her exceptional support to members during their weight loss journey. This award is only given out once every two years to a select group of Weight Watchers experts across the country.

    To find out more about Weight Watchers and to find your nearest meeting, visit http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/ 

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