Ragdolly Annas hold their first ever interactive music session

    "Music has no limits, borders or ages" says Ragdolly Annas, who brought their whole customer democratic together in to one room for some cakes, music, laughs and new ever-lasting memories.

    Ragdolly Annas held their first ever mixed interactive music session, their eldest attendee was 96 and their youngest was 3 weeks old and they had a lot of ages in between! they danced together, they sang, they popped bubbles and ate cake!

    The local residents from Courtney Lodge Care home were introduced to the delights of baby shark, whilst the 0-5 year olds sang along and waved scarves to Que Sera Sera! they also welcomed the Deputy Mayor Amanda Marlow and local councillor James Lancaster to the fun-packed and heart-warming music session.

    Ragdolly Annas work on a weekly basis with 0-5 year olds and young adults with additional needs and also the older generations who are living with Dementia. Bringing all these groups of people together has been a long time ambition for Ragdolly Annas (that has been halted because of Covid) and they have said "we are so pleased to have finally managed to achieve it, our music session demonstrated how the power of music can unite a group of people, any age, any ability and bring joy and smiles to everyone - there is no age limit to the Hokey Cokey!".

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