Tree-mendous Day for Planting

    The start of Spring has signalled the perfect time for students from Denbigh’s Eco-School group to start planting a mixture of 450 trees and hedgerows, donated by the Woodland Trust.

    The aim of the Trust’s project is to encourage schools, communities and landowners, amongst others, to plant 64 million trees over 10 years, adding up to a tree for every person in the UK.

    The incentive, that trees help promote good health and improve the school’s environment, is what spurred on the 20 green-fingered students with their digging and planting. The many varieties that will be planted in Denbigh’s grounds over the coming months will include Common Oak, Hazel and Rowan.

    Impressed with the Woodland Trust’s ambitious strategy, Denbigh School’s Headteacher, Andy Squires said:

    “There are many important environmental reasons why we should plant more trees, such as combating the effects of climate change and encouraging wildlife.

    “Planting will continue every lunchtime for the next couple of months by the Eco-School students and the variety of trees will not only enhance the well-being of our staff and students, but it will also enable projects, such as tree growth observing and position monitoring for the students to participate in.

    “Denbigh is delighted to get involved and play its part in this worthwhile initiative”.

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