Thunderstorm warning in place for Milton Keynes

    Thunderstorms are heading our way, according to the Met Office's latest warning.

    Milton Keynes residents can expect showers, thunder and lightning over night tonight (16/8), according to the Met Office.

    The national meteorological service predicts that thunderstorms and areas of heavy rain will develop quite widely across much of England and Wales.

    "The extent of these thunderstorms will be more widespread than on Monday, though some spots will still miss storms and remain dry," A spokesperson explains. "20-30 mm of rain is possible within an hour, but where areas of thundery rain become slow-moving, some places could see 50 mm in less than three hours.

    "There is a chance that higher totals could occur in a few spots over the course of the day. Hail and frequent lightning are likely additional hazards for some places.

    "There remains some uncertainty at this stage in regional and county level focus."

    The yellow warning that has been issued, covers the majority of England.

    It comes after drought was declared across the region on Friday 12th August.

    READ MORE: Could Milton Keynes face a hosepipe ban? Anglian Water responds to declaration of drought across the region

    Droughts have been declared in parts of England, including the Anglian Water region that covers Milton Keynes.

    The region covered by the water company, which includes Milton Keynes, has received just one fifth of the rain expected during July.

    Despite the declaration of drought in the region, Anglian Water insist that there is still no need for a hosepipe ban this summer.

    The thunderstorm warning for Milton Keynes is in place until 11:59pm tomorrow (17/8).

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