These are the schools in Milton Keynes that we know have confirmed cases of coronavirus

    There are numerous schools in the local area that have been impacted by COVID-19 since reopening last month. 

    Schools that have confirmed cases of the virus work closely alongside Public Health England and Milton Keynes Council to control the outbreak and to minimise the risk to the local community. 

    The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Andrew Geary, has since praised schools for how they have dealt with the current climate. He said: "Whilst clearly concerning for parents, it should be noted that the vast majority of schools are continuing in the new normal and I’d personally like to commend the teaching and administrative staff, especially heads and deputy heads for the way in which they have adapted to be able to educate our young people in such testing circumstances."

    The situation regarding coronavirus in schools is constantly changing and it is important to note that there may be other schools that MKFM is not yet aware of. The following list is correct to the best of our knowledge with the most recently impacted schools being first: 


    Langland Community School 

    Langland Community School in Netherfield closed on Wednesday 21st October due to an outbreak of COVID-19. The school will remain closed until Thursday 5th November. 

    Read more here

    Jubilee Wood Primary School 

    Jubilee Wood Primary School contacted parents on Tuesday 20th October informing them a member of the school community tested positive.

    Walton High 

    WALNUT TREE CAMPUS - The school confirmed a case at the Walnut Tree Campus on Tuesday 20th October. 

    BROOKLANDS CAMPUS - The school confirmed a case at the Brooklands Campus on Tuesday 20th October. The Brooklands Campus has been impacted by a number of COVID-19 cases (three). 

    Parents were also contacted on Friday 9th October following a positive case (the second). 

    Read about the first case (14th September) here

    Russell Street School

    Another local media outlet reports that Russell Street School in Stony Stratford confirmed a case of coronavirus and that a bubble had to self-isolate. 

    Shenley Brook End School 

    The school has confirmed multiple cases of the virus this month. Parents were emailed on Monday 19th October stating that two pupils (Year 11 and Year 12) tested positive. 

    And previously parents were contacted on Tuesday 13th October following the news that a separate Year 11 pupil tested positive. 

    This is the fourth known case of coronavirus at the school. 

    Read about the first case (18th September) here

    Portfields Primary School 

    A staff member tested positive for coronavirus. Parents were contacted over the weekend of the 16th October. 

    St Paul's Catholic School

    Parents were informed on Tuesday 13th October that a Year 9 pupil tested positive for coronavirus. 61 students were identified to have had "close contact" with the affected child and were told to self-isolate. 

    New Bradwell School

    Emails were sent to parents on Sunday 11th October stating that the school was aware of two separate COVID-19 cases.

    It read: "Both cases have been asymptomatic and we can chase it back to other family members who are not within the school."

    One bubble was asked to self-isolate as a precautionary measure.

    The Walnuts School (Hazeley Campus) 

    The Walnuts School (Hazeley Campus) confirmed a case of coronavirus within the school on Wednesday 7th October. The school was then closed on Thursday 8th October for a deep clean and will remain closed until Monday 12th October.

    Students self-isolating will remain off of school until Thursday 15th October which marks two weeks since exposure. 

    Read more here 

    Oakgrove School

    Over 70 students at Oakgrove School are self-isolating after a staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. Headteacher Ian Tett contacted parents on Tuesday 6th October and says that all impacted people (72 students and 2 staff members) are now self-isolating for two weeks.

    Read more here

    Moorland Primary School

    The primary school in Beanhill confirmed that a staff member "who is not class based" has the virus. Headteacher Angela Garner contacted parents on Monday 5th October confirming that no children had been in contact with the affected person. The few staff members who have come into contact with the affected person are now self-isolating.

    Read more here 

    The Radcliffe School

    In a letter to parents, as seen by MKFM, the school says that a Sixth Form student tested positive for coronavirus on Friday 2nd October. The Radcliffe School has been following advice issued by the Department for Education and has since closed the Sixth Form to all students for two weeks.

    Read more here


    Broughton Fields Primary School

    Broughton Fields Primary School contacted parents on Saturday 26th September to inform them that one of the school's midday supervisors, who supported Foundation children with their lunches, tested positive for coronavirus. 

    Both foundation classes were closed as a precaution. 

    Read more here

    Bushfield School

    The Wolverton-based school contacted parents on Friday 25th September to state that one person had tested positive for COVID-19. 

    The Redway School

    The Redway School in Netherfield, which is for special needs children, was forced to close last month after two staff members tested positive for COVID-19. It has since reopened. 

    Read more here

    The Hazeley Academy

    The Hazeley Academy confirmed that there have been cases of COVID-19 within the school. Parents were contacted on Tuesday 22nd September  to state that one Year 11 pupil tested positive for the virus and again on Wednesday 23rd September announcing a separate case in Year 8. They say that these two cases appeared unrelated. 

    Read more here

    Great Linford Primary School

    The school announced a confirmed case on Saturday 19th September. It was an adult in Year 6 and, as a result, all Year 6 pupils were told to self-isolate. 

    Read more here

    Loughton Manor First School 

    Loughton Manor First School announced on Thursday 17th September that Public Health England advised there had been a confirmed case "related to the school". 

    A letter sent to parents states the "only contact with the child was during a pre-admissions visit, with two members of staff". The school reassured parents that this visit took place outside and that all equipment was cleaned thoroughly. 

    Read more here

    Long Meadow School

    Long Meadow School in Shenley Brook End was one of the first schools to close down an entire bubble due to positive COVID-19 cases. The most recent known correspondence was on 17th September. 

    Read more here

    Milton Keynes College

    Milton Keynes College confirmed on Thursday 17th September that there had been a positive case within the Inclusive Learning School, which is for those with special educational needs or those who require extra educational support.

    Read more here

    Ousedale School 

    Ousedale School in Newport Pagnell confirmed a second case of coronavirus on Thursday 17th September after students attended a 'party' in local woodland. 

    Read more here

    Loughton School

    Loughton School sent an email to parents on Wednesday 16th September informing them that a Year 6 pupil had tested positive.

    Read more here

    Slated Row School 

    Slated Row School sent a letter to parents on Wednesday 16th September stating that there had been one confirmed case of COVID-19 within the school. 

    Read more here

    Shenley Brook End School

    Headteacher Chris Holmwood wrote to parents informing them that a Year 12 pupil had tested positive for COVID-19. The "small number" of students and staff who were in contact with the affected student went into self-isolation.

    Read more here 

    Walton High (Brooklands Campus)

    Walton High (Brooklands Campus) emailed parents on Monday 14th September just one week after reopening to announce that one member of staff had tested positive for COVID-19.

    They said the staff member had "no close contact with students or most colleagues" but as a precaution one member of staff was told to self-isolate.

    Read more here

    Stantonbury International School

    Stantonbury International School had multiple cases of coronavirus amongst staff and students resulting in the school having to close Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 to students last month. 

    Read more here 

    MKFM will update this article with more information as we get it. Do you know of a school that has not been mentioned? Let us know by emailing or messaging us on Facebook. You will remain anonymous. 

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