December: These are the schools in Milton Keynes that we know have confirmed cases of coronavirus this month

    There are numerous schools in the local area that have been impacted by COVID-19 since reopening in September.

    The situation regarding coronavirus in schools is constantly changing and it is important to note that there may be other schools that MKFM is not yet aware of.

    We will now be publishing a month-by-month list of schools that confirm cases. 

    The following list is correct to the best of our knowledge with the most recently impacted schools being first: 


    The Hazeley Academy

    8/12 - One case in Year 8.

    7/12 - More confirmed cases in Year 10 taking the total to 5. 

    6/12 - Three cases in Year 10. The Year Group will learn remotely until the New Year.

    3/12 - One case in Year 7.

    2/12 - One case in Year 10.

    Shenley Brook End School

    8/12 - Year 11 students were sent home due to a "high number" of positive cases in the school community. 

    7/12 - Year 10 student tests positive. All Year 10 pupils must self-isolate. 

    Both year groups will return to school in the New Year.

    Milton Keynes College (Chaffron Way)

    7/12 - Staff members test positive. A number of students told to self-isolate. 

    Lord Grey Academy

    7/12 - Year 11 student tests positive. 

    Walton High (Walnut Tree Campus)

    7/12 - One Year 7 and one Year 12 pupil test positive.

    2/12 - Year 8 student tests positive. 

    Walton High (Brooklands Campus)

    7/12 - Two Year 13 students test positive. 

    Bishop Parker Catholic School and Nursery

    7/12 - One staff member tests positive. 

    Kents Hill Park School

    7/12 - Pupil tests positive. 

    Giles Brook Primary School

    7/12 - Positive case within Year 6. All Year 6 pupils must self-isolate.

    Falconhurst School

    7/12 - One confirmed case.

    The Radcliffe School

    6/12 - Year 7 tests positive. Whole year group must self-isolate until 17/12.

    1/12 - Year 9 tests positive. Whole year group must self-isolate until 14/12.

    Rickley Park Primary School

    4/12 - Member of staff tests positive.

    Shenley Brook End School

    3/12 - Year 7 tests positive. 

    2/12 - Year 9 tests positive. 

    Bradwell Village School

    2/12 - Child tests positive. 

    St Paul's Catholic School

    2/12 - Two siblings (Year 7 and Year 11) test positive. 

    Abbeys Primary School

    1/12 - One confirmed case.

    Priory Common School

    1/12 - One confirmed case.

    Read the list of confirmed cases in November here.

    MKFM will update this article with more information as we get it. Do you know of a school that has not been mentioned? Let us know by emailing or messaging us on Facebook. You will remain anonymous. 

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