Residents leave floral tributes to the Queen at the Milton Keynes Rose

    Image: Milton Keynes Rose

    Residents who wish to lay flowers are being invited to do so at the Milton Keynes Rose in Campbell Park.

    Residents have been gathering at the Milton Keynes Rose in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, to leave their tributes to Queen Elizabeth II.

    Piles of flowers can be seen at the MK Rose, where everybody is invited to pay their respects. The Parks Trust, Milton Keynes City Council and Milton Keynes Rose Trust ask that all cellophane is removed from any flowers left.

    Key figures from Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire have been visiting the site.

    On Saturday (10/9), people heading to Milton Keynes Pride Festival gathered at Milton Keynes Rose at the beginning of the day to pay their respects to The Queen.

    "Before we gathered to celebrate, we gathered to honour and pay our respects to HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen of Queens, forever in our hearts," organisers wrote.

    Organisers also held a one minute silence ahead of the event.

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