Local resident asks Milton Keynes MP if we should be 'stockpiling food' ahead of Brexit

    A local resident has written an open letter to the MP for Milton Keynes North, Mark Lancaster, regarding his position on Brexit.

    The letter comes after Prime Minister Theresa May and Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab acknowledged Britain will have to ensure there are adequate food supplies if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

    Eva Griffin has also sent a copy of the letter to a number of media outlets, including MKFM.

    MKFM has contacted Mark Lancaster's office for a formal response and will publish this once we receive it.

    The letter from Eva Griffin reads as follows:

    "Dear Mark,

    I am once again emailing you regarding Brexit, although your lack of response to previous questions does not fill me with any kind of hope of receiving a reply any time soon.

    As you know, over the last 2 years I have emailed you many times asking your position on Brexit, the state of negotiations, how we will solve practical issues and what the impact will be to Milton Keynes and it's  residents. Your only response has been to initially quote the party line and then total silence over the last few months. This speaks volumes.

    Since the referendum, you have maintained that we must respect the result - despite the closeness of the vote and despite your own constituency voting (narrowly) to remain. You have never given any indication that you have even acknowledged the wishes of almost half the country (48%) or the majority of your constituency.

    Now, we find ourselves in the situation that the mainstream media are reporting the Government are:
    - advocating stockpiling food and medicines to prepare for a no deal Brexit 
    - refusing to publish no-deal impact assessments for fear of civil unrest
    - putting the army on standby to distribute food in the event of no-deal

    Are you seriously still arguing that this is a good direction for this country to be going in?

    You urgently need to publicly state your position to your constituents and explain how Brexit is a good thing. As per my last email - do you seriously expect us to wait 50 years to see if it will be any kind of success as has been stated by your colleague Jacob Rees Mogg?

    We are entitled to know if you agree with the advice of Government Ministers to stockpile food. I believe we are also entitled to know if you will be standing with us in the years ahead - do you have dual citizenship or offshore interests like your fellow party members?

    I look forward to your prompt and full response.


    Eva Griffin"

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