Post Office reopens in Milton Keynes town following sudden closure

    Image: Google Maps

    Wolverton Post Office services have been restored following the sudden closure in 2021.

    In August last year, it was confirmed after speculation that the Post Office on Stratford Road was to remain closed until further notice. The closure came after a resignation of the operator.

    In July, The Post Office confirmed that services were set to be restored to Wolverton Post Office, which has now opened to customers.

    The services will be operating from the premises in Wolverton, by a new post master.

    In a letter sent to customers, Anthony Bayley, Network Provision Lead for the Post Office says: "I know that the local community will join me in welcoming this good news and hope that you and our customers will continue to use this service.

    "If you are a local representative, it would be helpful if you could share this information through your social media channels and with any local groups or organisations that you know within the community, for example on noticeboards, local charities and in GP surgeries, to help our customers and your constituents understand what is happening to the Post Office in the local community.

    "If there are any unforeseen changes to the opening date, posters will be displayed in branch to let customers know."

    Opening times of the Post Office will be Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm.

    You can read the letter or find out more here.

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