Part of M1 in Milton Keynes to close from 9pm tonight for 'smart motorway' roadworks

    The M1 Northbound in Milton Keynes will close from 9pm this evening to allow for 'smart motorway' roadworks to take place.

    A closure will be in place from 9pm tonight until 6am tomorrow morning to allow the roadworks to take place.

    The road will be shut between Junction 13 at Milton Keynes South and Junction 14 at Milton Keynes.

    Traffic will be diverted via the A421 and V11 Tongwell Street with motorists told to expect these routes to be busier than usual.

    Significant work has already taken place on the motorway, with the temporary barrier near Junction 13 being replaced last week with traffic cones so that re-surfacing and white line painting can take place.

    All the works between Junction 13 and 16 on the M1 are planned to end in either 2022 or 2023.

    READ MORE: When the 'smart motorway' roadworks will end on the M1 in Milton Keynes

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