Morrisons supermarkets in Milton Keynes to prepare free lunch boxes for children in need this half term

    Dozens of pubs, restaurants, cafes and businesses in Milton Keynes are offering free meals to children this week.

    And Morrisons stores have joined the national effort to ensure no child goes without an adequate meal.

    Each of its 498 stores will prepare 30 lunch boxes this half-term, which totals to 14,940 lunches daily with packaging donated by distribution company Bunzl. 

    The lunchboxes will be distributed daily by each store to local food banks and schools so they can get them to school children in need. The lunch box includes a freshly made sandwich, a piece of fruit and a Soreen snack pack.

    Morrisons is also to offer customers the option to support the effort by buying their own ‘Pick Up Packs’, which will also be distributed to young people. 

    The packs’ cost between £1 and £5 and contain a nutritionally balanced mix of food products that have been requested by the local food banks and schools according to their needs. The pre-packed parcels are available at the front of all Morrisons stores and are paid for at the checkout. The pack is then put aside for delivery to those in need.

    Rebecca Singleton, Customer and Community Director at Morrisons, said: “We want to do our bit to ensure that as many school children as possible can eat good, nutritious food while they are out of school. We will be delighted if customers are also able to donate food in our stores to help fight holiday hunger.”

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