MK Melting Pot awarded grant for hot meal feeding programme

    As a direct result of the funding MK Melting Pot received from the MK Community Foundation, their COVID-19 Hot Meal Feeding Programme service was born.

    Who are MK Melting Pot and what does it do?

    Mk Melting Pot aim to develop essential citizenship, social and work skills in unemployed and disadvantaged people from deprived areas. Through their passion and creativity in the area of catering, the group is able to help those they teach to return to work and to fully participate in the community. They work collaboratively, providing advice, guidance and signposting when appropriate, to aid local regeneration and
    social inclusion.

    Difficulties throughout lockdown

    On lockdown, what was a thriving community hub for cookery teaching and the preparation and collection of hot meals, disappeared overnight. With local families relying on MK Melting Pot for meals 3 times a week and with now no way of extending their service of signposting, the organisation needed to change and change fast.

    What difference has the appeal made?

    As a direct result of the funding that MK Melting Pot received, their Covid-19 Hot Meal Feeding programme service was born. Via Parish Offices, a list of 60 high priority local families was compiled – with where necessary details of health issues, allergies and religious dietary restrictions noted.
    As a consequence, those households now receive hot meals for every member of the family three times a week, with drivers waiting to ensure that the food and provisions are received safely. In addition to the hot food, essential items parcels also supplied, tailored to the specific needs of the family – baby food and nappies for example.

    Positive effects of the funding

    Alongside the critical need to feed families, MK Melting pot have developed an additional ‘Befriending Service’. Volunteers are finding that as the weeks roll on, conversations with these families are not just based around gratitude for the food, they’re deeper. At a time when so many are struggling with isolation and the challenges that loneliness brings, MK Melting Pot are taking the time to ask how those they help are feeling and to build relationships.

    For so many, kindness and human interaction are what they truly crave at this time. For those in further need, MK Melting Pot readily signpost to connect them to organisations that can help. In this way the MK Melting Pot volunteers really are a lifeline for many local families.

    An example of the huge difference that MK Melting Pot are making includes a distressed neighbours alert to MK Melting Pot in regard to a situation in which an elderly, diabetic man living alone had neither food nor electricity. Volunteers visited with food, topped up his meter and are now visiting
    regularly, providing food and supplies. They have since signposted him to Age UK for further, much needed care.

    The last word in this story must come from Jade, founder of MK Melting Pot, in appreciation of her volunteers: “If the world becomes a better place tomorrow, it will happen because of volunteers like you. Your acts of kindness will never go un-missed as they have impacted lives during this tough time tremendously...Happiness truly comes from what you give and we are truly grateful to you.”

    Milton Keynes Community Foundation's emergency appeal has helped so many local community groups so far but there are still many more who need support to deliver their vital work in these difficult times.

    You can help! 

    Donate now to their Emergency Appeal to support some of the most vulnerable in our communities. 

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