Milton Keynes Council online tip booking form taken down just hours after launch

    Milton Keynes Council have removed the option to book a slot at a tip in Milton Keynes online, just hours after it was launched.

    MKFM reported earlier this afternoon that residents could now book a slot at the tip via the Council website.

    However, a statement on the website now states: "We have experienced an issue with the online form. We hope to have it back for you to use shortly. Please try again later today."

    It follows a number of people commenting that the form was not working correctly.

    One user commented on the MKFM Facebook page: "I’ve tried and not working but maybe that’s due to high numbers trying to book."

    Another added: "I rang up and told them it's not working. I selected a date and time but would not let me go further. They are aware and I got a slot via phone."

    Residents are still able to book a slot at any of the three tips in Milton Keynes by phone - details of how to do so are here.

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