Mass vaccination centre in Milton Keynes will be able to deliver '2,000 vaccinations a day'

    Council Leader Peter Marland has said a mass vaccination centre in Milton Keynes would be able to deliver '2,000 vaccinations a day'.

    The centre is "ready to open" in the City Centre as soon as its given the go-ahead, which Cllr Marland says he "hopes will be very soon".

    MKFM previously reported that the centre is planned to be located at Saxon Court, opposite the new Next Beauty store.

    In the meantime, the nearest mass vaccination centre to our city is located in Stevenage.

    Cllr Marland said that if that is too far to travel, residents in priority groups will be offered a nearer appointment through their GP, but he said "this may take a little longer".

    The first Milton Keynes Council staff have now received their first-dose vaccinations, and these are people who work in the adult social care team looking after the elderly and vulnerable in the city.

    In addition, he revealed that rapid testing has now begun in Milton Keynes for key workers.

    Each of the rapid tests for people with no symptoms gives the result in under an hour, however they are currently available by invitation only.

    Cllr Marland ended the video update by asking people to stay at home and stay safe.

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