Local three-year-old boy's wish comes true as playgrounds in Milton Keynes will open next week

    Yesterday, MKFM shared a video of three-year-old Archie politely asking the Prime Minister to reopen the parks.

    His mother, Lisa, said that not being able to go down a slide was "torturing" him. And, just a mere few hours after we published the article, Boris Johnson announced that children will be able to use playgrounds from July 4. 

    This means that Archie, alongside thousands of other children in Milton Keynes, will be able to use the various playparks that Milton Keynes has to offer this summer. 

    Playgrounds aren't the only things to be opening across the nation; dozens of previously closed industries will soon be able to open their doors to the public, including: 

    • Hotels, hostels, B&B's, other holiday accommodation including campsites, cottages and caravan parks
    • Bars
    • Cafe's 
    • Restaurants 
    • Pubs
    • Cinemas
    • Museums and galleries 
    • Hair salons/barbers
    • Places of worship
    • Libraries and much more. 

    Despite this, various businesses still must remain closed, including nightclubs, tattoo parlours, casinos, and more. 

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