IN PICTURES: Huge amount of litter dumped at Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes last night

    The Parks Trust have shared pictures of the huge amounts of rubbish which were dumped at Furzton Lake last night.

    Posting the photos, The Parks Trust said: "We are saddened and disappointed with the enormous amount of litter left at Furzton Lake yesterday after a large gathering took place there. We have never seen so much litter left in one area in the vast quantities we witnessed today."

    "The actions of those that trashed the area have caused considerable financial implications as well as taking out our entire ranger team for most of today which impacts our other work and has meant that they couldn’t visit or carry out any other duties across the rest of our 6,000 acres of parkland."

    "We would like to say a huge thank you to the ranger team, who have worked tirelessly to clear the site so that it can be enjoyed by others once again."

    It follows similar problems with litter at lots of different locations across Milton Keynes in recent weeks.

    Last month, The Parks Trust reported a 'significant issue' with rubbish being dumped in city parks.

    And local people took to social media over the late May Bank Holiday to share images of rubbish dumped all over Milton Keynes.

    Check out this gallery of photos of Furzton Lake today showing the huge amount of rubbish which has been dumped there:

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