Ikea store in Milton Keynes suffering 'low availability' of certain products due to supply chain issues

    Retail giant Ikea says at least 1,000 of its product lines have been disrupted by the shortage of lorry drivers.

    The popular furniture store said in a statement that a "perfect storm of issues, including the disruption of global trade flows and a shortage of drivers" have been made worse by the pandemic and Brexit, and was impacting around 10% of Ikea's entire range.

    Transport, raw materials and sourcing at the Bletchley-based store (and the other 21 branches across the country) have been affected by labour shortages and COVID-19.

    "In addition, we are seeing higher customer demand as more people are spending more time at home," a spokesperson said.

    As a result, Ikea said it was currently experiencing "low availability in some of our ranges, including mattresses", adding: "We hope this will reduce as the situation improves in the coming weeks and months."

    Other local businesses that have suffered issues with the supply chain include KFC, McDonald's, Greggs, Nandos and Wetherspoons. 

    A spokesman said the pub chain's supply problems with Carling and Coors were the knock-on effect from industrial action by delivery drivers working for another brewer, and apologised to customers.

    READ MORE: Wetherspoons in Milton Keynes are the latest to suffer supply chain issues

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