Here's why Gregg Wallace was visiting a TOILET near Milton Keynes on TV this week

    A toilet near Milton Keynes was featured on a BBC TV show this week, hosted by presenters Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey.

    Cranfield University’s Nano Membrane Toilet featured during an episode of Inside the Factory on BBC2 on Tuesday night.

    The popular series gives viewers exclusive access to some of the largest factories in Britain to reveal the secrets behind production on an epic scale.

    Each episode explores current production methods, gives insights into historical practices and provides a scientific perception on the subject area.

    During this week’s episode, the presenters explored the production of toilets and toilet roll.

    Dr Ewan McAdam featured on the show, discussing the Nano Membrane Toilet’s revolutionary science that treats human waste on-site without external energy or water.

    The toilet was initially developed as part of the global ‘Reinvent the Toilet Challenge’ set by the Water, Sanitation & Hygiene programme of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and aims to provide clean, safe and private facilities to areas of the world without plumbing amenities.

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