Government is showing 'signs' that primary school pupils in Milton Keynes won't return before the summer holidays

    Plans for all pupils in England to return to primary school this term before the summer holidays are to be shelved by the government, Sky News reports.

    Education Secretary Gavin Williamson is due to give an update on the situation to MPs in the Commons later today (9/6).

    In England, some primary schoolchildren went back last week. Next week some secondary school children are returning.

    Sky's political correspondent Joe Pike said: "There are signs today the government will drop their plans for all primary school children to go back to school before the end of term, before the summer holidays.

    "This is a significant change - a big hit to a lot of parents, and therefore potentially a hit to the economy.

    "The real problem seems to be the social distancing guidelines and these 'bubbles' of 15 pupils. So instead of having a class of 30 you could have a maximum of 15, and one teacher for every 15 pupils, and that is very difficult for schools.

    "They now need to double the number of classes, they need to stagger arrivals, breaks and lunch times, and that seemingly is too difficult with just the six weeks left to the term.

    In other news, yesterday (8/6) MKFM reported that a primary school in Milton Keynes 'closed as a precaution' after a pupil had a high temperature and vomited. Some staff have since been tested for COVID-19 and are expecting to receive the test results today (9/6). The school will reopen Wednesday (10/6). Read more here

    Content: Sky News

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