Gez Chiariello now just 'a witch hunt'?

    The suspended Police Local Area Commander for Milton Keynes, is facing a gross misconduct charge after he attended a community event at a Wolverton mosque.

    Various members of the public attended the annual community Iftar at the Wolverton Mosque last Wednesday, with local residents being given the opportunity to show unity following the recent incidents in Manchester and London.

    But it now appears that Gez Chiariello, who was suspended from the Police force earlier this year, will face a gross misconduct charge for attending the event whilst he is suspended.

    The new Police Local Area Commander for Milton Keynes, Yvette Hitch, was also in attendance at the event, with both community figures being invited to speak by Imam Umar Manzoor.

    MKFM Managing Director Darren Dorrington, who also attended the event, said: “I was surprised to see both the new LPA commander and Gez Chiariello at the same event. It appeared that neither of them knew that each other would be attending but they both handled the situation professionally. It was clear that the new LPA commander was there in a professional capacity in full uniform and Mr Chiariello was there as a member of the community dressed quite casually in a Polo top and jeans.”

    Mr Chiariello opened his speech by stating that he was there as a “member of the community” and someone who had previously supported the Mosque. He went on to express his shock and sadness at recent events and supported Thames Valley Police by saying that the Muslim community must report any hate crime that they experience.

    Other attendees at the event have reported that Yvette Hitch was introduced as the new LPA commander, while Gez Chiariello was introduced by the Imam as the former commander and someone who had supported the Mosque personally and professionally for many years.

    The invited guests then took part in the annual feast where the new LPA commander Yvette Hitch and suspended former LPA commander Gez Chiariello sat at the same table.

    Following the event last week, Gez Chiariello was presented with further gross misconduct charges on Monday by the force stating that because he attended the event he was in breach of the terms of his suspension.

    MKFM was then requested to provide a statement to confirm that Mr Chiariello attended the event in a personal capacity rather than as a member of Thames Valley Police.

    Darren Dorrington later added “I would have no hesitation in supporting Mr Chiariello that he was at the event as a member of the Milton Keynes community and not as a member of Thames Valley Police, he lives in Milton Keynes, why wouldn't he attend?”

    The chairman of Wolverton Mosque has told MKFM that Mr Chiariello was invited to the Mosque in a personal capacity and that they believe the latest alleged gross misconduct allegations are concerning.

    Another member of the of the mosque said “Mr Chiariello has done so much for our community and is well respected. It is appearing to me and others that this is very much becoming a witch hunt.”

    A spokesman for the Imam said: “This could damage relations between the Wolverton Muslim Community and Police in MK. I hope this matter will be resolved.”

    This matter is the latest in a series of allegations following a number of reports and an earlier hearing where Mr Chiariello was given a final written warning for calling a taxi driver with a long list of convictions “a cocky tw*t”.

    MKFM’s Managing Director Darren Dorrington has provided the Police with a full statement following the incident last week and has asked them to investigate possible leaks from Thames Valley Police to local media regarding Gez Chiariello.

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