Friday's Coronavirus Update: No new cases or deaths in Milton Keynes reported today

    There has been no new coronavirus cases or deaths reported in Milton Keynes today, following the release of the latest data by Public Health England and NHS England.

    It means the number of coronavirus cases in Milton Keynes remains at 856 - with the most recent case having a specimen date of 8th July.

    Seven cases of coronavirus have been reported in our city this week - 4 on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday and 1 yesterday.

    Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus deaths at Milton Keynes Hospital remains at 104 - with the date for the most recent reported death being 4th July.

    Nationally, there have been an additional 512 cases of coronavirus recorded today - bringing the UK total to 288,133.

    There are an additional 48 deaths across all settings in the UK recorded today - bringing the UK total to 44,650.

    Testing data at a national and local level now includes data from both 'Pillar 1' (Hospital Tests) and 'Pillar 2' (Drive-Through and Home Test Kits).

    As a result of increased testing data, MKFM is giving daily updates on our website and social media.

    READ MORE: The exact date each of the 856 positive coronavirus tests were recorded in Milton Keynes

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