Milton Keynes school tells four year groups to self-isolate due to coronavirus outbreak

    The Radcliffe School in Wolverton has seen several positive coronavirus cases this month, meaning that four year groups are currently self-isolating.

    Year 9 was the first group told to stay at home earlier this month, followed by Year 7 and Year 11.

    And on Wednesday (18/11), the school emailed parents updating them that a further three cases amongst Year 11 were recorded, and also 2 staff members.

    The Year 11 pupils were already in self-isolation when they received their test result, meaning that the group's return date will remain the same.

    So these three year groups will be returning to school from next week, with Year 9 returning on 24th November and Year 7 and Year 11 returning the following day (25th November).

    And, more recently, parents have been informed of another case within Year 10. This means that the Year 10 bubble will now be closed, and all students in the year group must self-isolate until 30th November, returning to school on 1st December. 

    These year groups have been closed "as a precaution", with the headteacher, Paula Lawson, adding: "I know that the news will be disappointing but we wanted to inform everyone as soon as we could as we want to limit the amount of contact the Year 10 students have with (sic) the each other and the rest of the community to limit any further transmission."

    Lessons will be delivered online to those who are self-isolating.

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    Do you know of a school that has not been mentioned? Let us know by emailing or messaging us on Facebook. You will remain anonymous. 

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