Firefighters rush to put out fire caused by washing machine in Milton Keynes home

    Library photo

    Firefighters last night (22/2) rushed to put out a fire caused by a washing machine in a Milton Keynes home.

    Bucks Fire received reports of a blaze at a property along Rannoch Close in Bletchley just after 8:45 pm.

    Two appliances and crews from West Ashland attended the scene and discovered that a washing machine had caught fire in the kitchen.

    Firefighters used one hose reel, two sets of breathing apparatus, a fan, and a toolkit to put out the blaze.

    This is the second washing machine fire in Milton Keynes to have been reported to the local fire service.

    On Valentine's Day (14/2), a faulty washing machine at a house in Stony Stratford caught alight. 

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