Fifteen days since most recent coronavirus death occurred at Milton Keynes Hospital

    It has now been fifteen days since the most recent coronavirus-related death happened at Milton Keynes Hospital.

    The most recent death which happened was announced 14 days ago on Wednesday May 27th and took place 15 days ago on Tuesday May 26th.

    A death was announced yesterday, but the date of death was Thursday April 30th.

    It means the total number of people who have died from coronavirus at Milton Keynes Hospital remains at 103 - of which 7 were in May and 0 in June.

    Today's data covers deaths announced during the period from 5pm on Monday 8th June until 5pm on Tuesday 9th June.

    As there is a delay between a death occurring and an announcement being made, there may be deaths that have taken place but not yet been announced.

    512 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the Borough of Milton Keynes as of 5pm yesterday - an increase of zero since the previous day.

    The two most recent new cases have a specimen date of 5th June.

    Across all settings, there have been 189 coronavirus-related deaths in the Borough of Milton Keynes up until 29th May.

    It is not known exactly how many people have recovered from COVID-19 in Milton Keynes.

    However, residents have been sharing their stories about how they have beat the virus. Ben Everitt, MP for Milton Keynes North, believes he had the virus and has now fully recovered. Read more here.

    Damion Brown, who nearly lost his life due to COVID-19, is now back home recovering after being treated at MK Hospital. Read more here.

    And local resident Nick Clark has told us about his journey to recovery after being in Milton Keynes Hospital with coronavirus. Read more here.

    MKFM publish the official data provided by NHS England, which is centred around confirmed cases and death rates per local authority.

    Information regarding how many people have recovered from COVID-19 per local authority is not provided by NHS England.

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