Family pay tribute to 'warm-hearted' man who was murdered in Milton Keynes

    Mohamud Hashi

    The family of Mohamud Hashi, aged 22, from Milton Keynes who was fatally stabbed on 11 December 2019, has paid the following tribute to him.

    “Mohamud Hashi, a brother, son and friend. We will always remember him as one of the most admirable and warm-hearted people on Earth.

    “We miss him dearly and cannot believe he was taken from us so soon. Life will never be the same but our memories of our beloved Mohamud keeps us motivated to be the best version of ourselves. We know he would want us to do that.

    “With his cheeky charm, kindness and incredible advice, he had a positive impact on everyone’s life. He would always make sure that after leaving a room, all his loved ones left with either laughter or an enormous smile.

    “He was unique and a blessing from God. May Allah grant him the highest rank in Jannah and reunite us with him in the next life Ameen.”

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