Do not ignore 'closed road' signs, say Milton Keynes Council as flooding hits the borough

    Drivers have been advised to not ignore 'closed road' signs that have been placed across Milton Keynes.

    These signs have been dotted on roads that have been heavily impacted by flooding across the city.

    The westbound carriageway on the A421 between the M1 at Junction 13 and Marston Moretaine has been closed due to excess surface water. 

    And Weston Road by Ravenstone and Weston Underwood is unpassable, so drivers are being told to use an alternative route. 

    These are just two of the roads that have been affected. 

    Milton Keynes Council has this afternoon stated that their highways officers are monitoring the weather forecast whilst checking flooding hotspots across the borough.

    "If we need to, we'll close badly flooded roads to keep them safe," said a council spokesperson.

    They added: "Do not ignore any Closed Road signs as the roads will be unsafe to drive through."

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