Councillors to debate new multi story at Milton Keynes Rail Station this week

    Local councillors will debate a proposed new 721 space seven-storey multi story car park for Milton Keynes Train Station at a meeting on Thursday this week.

    The site is located on the corner of Avebury Boulevard and Elder Gate, directly south of Elder House and opposite Morrisons.

    At present, there are 122 spaces which are operated by London Midland, but the land itself is owned by the Milton Keynes Development Partnership.

    The application seeks full planning permission for the existing car park to be redeveloped to form a new seven-storey multi storey car park on a split level parking structure comprising two 'access cores' with stairs and lifts serving all car park levels.

    The proposed structure is to be clad with natural finish stainless steel mesh screens

    Access will be via a new access on Elder Gate, to the north of the Elder Gate/Avebury Boulevard mini roundabout.

    The entrance will be split to enable the access of two vehicles at a time and Council officials anticipate that this will prevent a build-up of vehicle queuing onto Elder Gate waiting to access the car park.

    As well as 721 new spaces, the site will also offer 78 Cycle spaces, 44 Disability spaces, 10 Motorcycle spaces and 7 Other spaces (eg. Buses).

    The footpath to the north of the existing car park will be redeveloped to ensure that it is accessible from multi-storey car park.

    Meanwhile, the existing footpath to the east of the car park will be retained providing access to Milton Keynes Railway Station via Elder House.

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