Councillors tackle 'bad parking' outside Milton Keynes primary school in bid to protect green space

    Residents have noticed signs and posts popping up in an area prone to 'bad parking' in Milton Keynes over the last week.

    The area, outside Giles Brook school in Tattenhoe, often sees cars parking on the nearby green space and paths during school pickup time.

    Recently, the Parish Council has introduced new posts and signs with the aim of protecting the landscape.

    "Whilst it's understood it is hard for parking during school drop off sessions, the landscaping of the area needs to be kept in top condition and not ruined by cars parking on grassed areas," councillors for the Tattenhoe Ward explained.

    In November, councillors within the Tattenhoe ward announced they were working with Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue to crack down on 'poor and dangerous' parking across the area, following concerns from local residents.

    The fire department, alongside local Councillors James Lancaster, Shazna Muzammil, and Manish Verma, distributed flyers, knocked on doors, and spoke to people about the 'importance of mindful parking'.

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    James Lancaster, local councillor for Tattenhoe Ward, said "The safety of all residents is utmost, and so we planned this joint operation to highlight the importance of parking safely, as we do not want ever want our residents to feel that the emergency services cannot get to you on time." Lancaster continued, "This has to be a collective effort, and we can't make it work without the residents' support, understanding, and collaboration."

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