Concerns raised over demolition of Milton Keynes tower blocks

    Friday, September 17th, 2021 12:39pm

    By Rory Butler, Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Plans to tear down an ‘unsafe’ tower block for future redevelopment have prompted concerns about ‘limited access to schools’.

    Bletchley West Cllr Adam Rolfe asked Milton Keynes Council what measures were in place to “minimise the impact” on neighbours who could be affected by the demolition of Mellish Court, in Bletchley.

    He asked about “access being limited while the demolition is happening” to schools – and for emergency vehicles.

    The 18-storey tower block, built in 1965 and comprising 136 flats, is “no longer deemed safe and not deemed to be viable for refurbishment”.

    “I’ve had residents…get in contact about issues they’ve had in the past where school parking has got in the way of emergency services getting down,” said Cllr Rolfe.

    “The likelihood is that Melrose Avenue will be shut for local schools. Residents are concerned the street will experience more parking…and emergency vehicles won’t get any access at all.”

    “Everything is being done in order to minimise the impact on local residents,” replied Cllr Emily Darlington.

    “That was a major consideration when the procurement happened because we are very aware of the schools, community centre, shops and residents that all live around there.”

    She added: “I can check on what exactly the exclusion plans are and, obviously, the very first thing around any school is health and safety.

    “We would want to make sure that any child and family going to and from school could not in any way be impacted.

    “But once the plans are fully developed, any road closures or diversions – and the time period when that will happen – will be published.”

    Works are scheduled to begin in November, with a completion date of March 2022.

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