50 years ago today construction began on the first grid road in Milton Keynes

    Fifty years ago today, construction began on the very first grid road in Milton Keynes - a section of the H2 just off of Fullers Slade.

    A clipping from the North Bucks Times, which was published in 1970, celebrated how the vision of Milton Keynes finally got off of the "drawing board" with the construction of a section of the H2 taking shape.

    An archived photo shows Ray Bellchambers, who was a board member of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation (MKDC), operating a JCB to signify the start of the construction works. 

    Little did developers know that fast forward to 2020, thousands of cars would be passing through the city each day being able to take advantage of the innovative and effective grid road system.

    To mark the anniversary, the Mayor and Mayoress of Milton Keynes, alongside members of the original Development Corporation and Milton Keynes Forum gathered on the exact spot and toasted with a glass of Bucks Fizz. 

    "These grid roads have become such an iconic part of Milton Keynes, and are one of our unique selling points," said Cllr Andrew Geary, Mayor of Milton Keynes.

    He continued: "Grid roads must be here to stay. Unfortunately, some of my colleagues 10-15 years ago lost sight of that, and fortunately, I think we've got that back on track. Grid roads are here to stay, and must be here to stay."

    Have a look at the photo gallery below: 

    Do you remember when construction started on the H2? Or do you have any pictures? Let us know by emailing news@mkfm.com. 

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