Milton Keynes' Stencil Pencils rapping it up for Asperger's

    Meet local band, The Stencil Pencils. Indiana aka ‘boo-lash’, Johnson aka ‘bouba’ and Kale aka ‘woo’

    Meet the Stencil Pencils, the UK’s youngest Asperger's band.

    Six-years-old Indiana Harris-Herbert set up the band with her brothers, Johnson, 11, and Kale, 10, who has Asperger’s syndrome, which affects the way he interacts with people.

    The band have already made three records – one about Covid-19, the Olympics and the other about Christmas.

    Dad John says, “I’m so proud of the children. Kale finds life really hard. He has no friends and finds it extremely difficult within his peer group.

    “This new venture is really building his confidence – he is a grand example of someone overcoming his disabilities.”

    The band’s debut performance was for neighbours during VE celebrations. That led to appearances on BBC Three Counties Radio’s breakfast show and ITVs ‘The Scrambled Show’.

    More recently the band has played at Stadium MK and helped MKFM turn on the Christmas lights in central Milton Keynes.

    Keep up to date with what the local band are up to on their Facebook page here.

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