Week 5: Starting and Finishing

I think I turned up with too much confidence today, I really struggled to hit the ball well with my first few swings.

Pro Shot Golf Club in Stacey Bushes is home to four golf simulators that allow you to play golf any time of the year, without the worry of the weather.

My coach, Nick Moncur, encouraged me to remember the basics and when I concentrated on everything I'd learnt in the past month, my form started to improve.

We focused on getting my set up right at the top of my swing and the follow through afterwards. This video below shows probably my best effort, with a straight left arm throughout and my right foot coming up on to its toes at the end of the swing.

The time had come for me to hit the links! As well as a coaching program, Pro Shot Golf Club also offers courses to play from around the world. I started on a nice Par 3 to see how my learnt skills would transfer to the course.

There was a lot more pressure than just hitting onto an open range with a target in sight. Let's be honest, I have cherry-picked my best tee off below, but it was great to put into practise everything I'd been learning. To see the results in real terms was brilliant and it'd be great to put my new skills against my friends on these courses.

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