The MK Secret Sound

    The MK Secret Sound with Thurlow Nunn Vauxhall has been won! 

    We've already given away over £6,000 in the past twelve months, and now Bridgette has won £1,500!

    Bridgette won on Monday morning (5th March) on the MK Breakfast show with Darren & Lia.

    Listen to the winning call here:

    Keep listening to MKFM and keep an eye on the website for more chances to win in the coming weeks.

    Listen to the Secret Sound here


    Incorrect Guesses

    • Trolley chain
    • Something coming out of a vending machine
    • Fire escape door 
    • Tennis ball machine
    • Auction hammer
    • Paintball gun
    • A cash register
    • Hitting a golf ball
    • Clay pigeon machine
    • Bolt on a gate
    • Nail gun
    • Pedal bin
    • Bathroom plug
    • The hands of a clock ticking
    • Shower curtain
    • Door knocker
    • Toaster
    • Safe locking
    • Weights bench
    • A bag with coins inside
    • Connect-4 piece
    • Someone throwing a dart at a dart board
    • Chip pan
    • A metal chain on the back of a door
    • Ignition switch on a boiler
    • Stapler
    • Letter box
    • Aluminium Venetian blind
    • Bread bin
    • Newton's cradle
    • Patio doors
    • Counter top tin opener
    • Ironing board
    • Ring binder
    • Knife sharpener
    • Step ladder
    • Fridge magnet
    • Door stop
    • Stainless steel bread bin
    • Egg slicer
    • Oven door closing
    • Toddler safety gate
    • Lid closing on a kettle
    • Piggy bank
    • Clip-on tie pin
    • Candle on a worktop
    • A spoon being dropped into metal bowl
    • Light switch cord being pulled 
    • Grill being pushed back into an oven
    • Foot pump
    • Hair clip
    • Old style bread bin
    • Putting a toilet brush into a holder
    • Closing a lid on a jewellery box
    • Pinball Machine
    •  A foot activated bin
    • Bead roller coaster
    • Umbrella holder
    • Plastic gloves
    • Paper going into a clipboard
    • Mason jar
    • Glasses case
    • Staples going into a stapler
    • Weighing scales
    • Medicine cabinet
    • Filing cabinet
    • Hanger
    • Magazine being put into a magazine rack
    • Standing on scales
    • Security cabinet
    • Placing a knife into a holder
    • Hole punch punching a hole in paper
    • Paper being pushed into a hole punch
    • Outside postbox
    • Toilet door lock
    • Syringe
    • Paper towel dispenser
    • Paper being put into a paper tray in a printer
    • Stationery going into a stationery organizer
    • Spring loaded magazine dump
    • Adjustable bed
    • Nail clippers
    • Stacking cups into a cup holder
    • Replacing toilet roll into a holder
    • Balance scales
    • Coshh Bin
    • Scissors into a draw
    • Scissors going into a metal tin
    • Throwing paper into a bin
    • Putting a walking stick into a holder
    • Water Cooler
    • Stapler
    • Toilet brush being put into a toilet brush holder
    • Thermometer
    • Rubber gloves
    • Putting a CD into a computer
    •  Water dispenser
    • Forceps
    • Old fashioned weighing scales
    • Putting the coffee pods into a coffee machine
    • Tuck lock
    • Pen
    • Shower curtain being pulled across a metal pole
    • Newspapers going into metal letterbox
    • Tablet
    • Putting a charger into an apple device
    • Microwave door
    • Clicking a pen
    • Ejecting bread from toast
    • Lever arch folder
    • Putting a plunger into into a cafetiere
    • Gloves being put into a bin
    • Snap back of a pedal bin
    • Pen being dropped into a desk tidy
    • Opening a Carrier bag
    • Spring loaded latch on a fridge
    • Spring lid closing on a freezer box


    • You may find this in your house.
    • This item is an accessory.
    • They don't smell.
    • It is putting something into something.
    • This item may be found in a doctor's surgery.

    Terms and Conditions

    MKFM's standard terms and conditions apply to all competitions on MKFM.

    In addition, the entry mechanic described above forms part of the rules and the following specific rules apply to the MK Secret Sound competition:

    • Entries will be selected by generating a random number corresponding to the order in which entries have been received.
    • Only one entry per mobile number will be accepted.
    • There will be two competition rounds per day during weekdays, at 8.15am and 5.15pm. 
    • In the event of circumstances beyond our control (e.g. loss of transmission, urgent breaking news, studio emergencies, etc) we reserve the right to run the competition at the earliest opportunity after these times - in the event that this is necessary, it will be announced on air.
    • Competition rounds will be recorded shortly before transmission.
    • If you fail to answer the telephone when we call you, you will be deemed to have forfeited your opportunity to play and be re-entered in the draw to play in the event that the prize is not won
    • Entries made within 30 minutes of the competition execution time will not be included in the draw, however, in the event that the prize is not won, they will be included in the next competition round.
    • Entries for 2018 are now open and will count for the first week when the game returns on 8/1/17
    • By entering the competition, you are agreeing to be identified as a winner and you may be asked to take part in some publicity activity (e.g. photocalls with local press)
    • This competition is intended for our local audience on FM. As such, to be eligible to claim the prize, entrants must live in our FM broadcast area (which covers the borough of Milton Keynes including Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Wolverton, Woburn Sands and Bletchley, and the nearby towns of Woburn, Olney, Cranfield and Ampthill). Alternatively, entrants must work within this area for at least five day a week. Evidence of employment at the time of winning will be required and is subject to MKFM's judgement. If you are unsure whether you are in an eligible area please contact the Managing Director for clarification.
    • As with all MKFM competitions, current MKFM staff and volunteers and their immediate families are not allowed to enter. Staff and relatives of employees of Thurlow Nunn Vauxhall  are also excluded from entering this specific competition. 

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