The MK Secret Sound has been WON!

    Debbz guessed the MK Secret Sound correctly on the MK Breakfast Show today (25/11) and has won £1000 thanks to CityFibre.

    It's the sound that's been driving Milton Keynes crazy over the last few months. After lots of great guesses from listeners, today (25/11) Debbz guessed the MK Secret Sound correctly!

    So what was the MK Secret Sound?

    Putting the lid on a decanter.

    Thanks to CityFibre, the UK's largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure and the builder of Gigabit Cities, Debbz said she would enjoy sharing her £1000 winnings with her family over Christmas.

    Listen to the moment Debbz won the cash!

    Listen to the MK Secret Sound here

    Some of the incorrect guesses (this list is not comprehensive)

    • A bell
    • Glass flip top of a Grolsch beer bottle
    • Lid of a teapot
    • Spoon dropping into a cup
    • Dropping a sugar lump into a teacup
    • Slide hammer
    • Money dropping into a piggy bank
    • Putting ice in a glass
    • Putting a ring onto a trinket plate
    • Dropping a spoon into a bowl
    • Putting a teacup onto a saucer
    • Bell on a toy telephone
    • Glasses clinking together
    • Metal sink plug
    • Spoon on a teacup
    • Ship chain links clinking together
    • Black+Decker wrench
    • Putting a dumbbell down on the floor
    • Metal hook/latch on a gate
    • Flipping top of a lighter
    • Ceramic tile on a hob 
    • Dropping teaspoon into bottle of Prosecco (to help keep it fizzy!)
    • Lid going on a teapot
    • Bicycle bell
    • Metal drinking straw on a glass
    • Frog clock in Midsummer Place
    • Levelling old fashioned weighing scales
    • Putting cutlery into a dishwasher drawer
    • Old fashioned typewriter 
    • Ping of a microwave
    • Pinball machine
    • Weights being stacked 
    • Weights on weight machine at a gym
    • Pop n Hop dice bouncing back
    • Loose change jangling around in your pocket
    • Putting the top on a teapot
    • Putting a cup on a saucer
    • Putting a glass lid on top of a glass jar
    • Putting a lid on a casserole pot
    • Putting the lid on a sugar pot
    • Putting money in a glass jar
    • Putting the lid on a teapot
    • Bottle tops going into a bottle top bin
    • Bottle stopper

    Terms and Conditions

    MKFM's standard terms and conditions apply to this and all competitions on MKFM.

    In addition, the entry mechanic described above forms part of the rules and the following specific rules also apply to the MK Secret Sound competition:

    • Entries will be selected by generating a random number corresponding to the order in which entries have been received.
    • Only one entry per mobile number will be accepted each day.
    • There will be one competition round per day during weekdays at 8.15am.
    • In the event of circumstances beyond our control (e.g. loss of transmission, urgent breaking news, studio emergencies, etc) we reserve the right to run the competition at the earliest opportunity after these times - in the event that this is necessary, it will be announced on air.
    • Competition rounds may be recorded shortly before transmission.
    • If you fail to answer the telephone when we call you, you will be deemed to have forfeited your opportunity to play and be re-entered in the draw to play in the event that the prize is not won.
    • Entries made within 15 minutes of the competition execution time will not be included in the draw, however, in the event that the prize is not won, they will be included in the next competition round.
    • Entries are open from Monday 6th September 2021.
    • By entering the competition, you are agreeing to be identified as a winner and you may be asked to take part in some publicity activity (e.g. photo calls with local press).
    • This competition is intended for our local audience on FM. As such, to be eligible to claim the prize, entrants must live in our FM broadcast area (which covers the Borough of Milton Keynes including Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Wolverton, Woburn Sands and Bletchley, and the nearby towns of Woburn, Olney, Cranfield and Ampthill). Alternatively, entrants must work within this area for at least five day a week. Evidence of employment at the time of winning will be required and is subject to MKFM's judgement. If you are unsure whether you are in an eligible area, please contact the Managing Director for clarification.
    • As with all MKFM competitions, current MKFM staff and volunteers and their immediate families are not allowed to enter. Staff and relatives of employees of CityFibre are also excluded from entering this specific competition.
    • The incorrect guess list does not contain every incorrect guess we have had so far, it is just a selection of these.

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