Boomtown Fair 2018, Near Winchester - 9th to 12th August.


    11 April 2018

    A vision, years in the making... tickets for our first ever fully theatrical camping experience are now officially on sale!

    Dearest citizens, a limited number of sought after tickets are now on sale for this exclusive camping area which, along with entrance to the four day festival, offers an other worldly experience mirroring immersive and creative ethos that can be found throughout the rest of the city, but in a campsite!

    Curated the award winning Bearded Kitten who masterminded some of our much loved venues over the years including The Bank, The Opera House and The Gentleman’s Club,  the host of characters, performers and entertainers dedicated to Boomtown Springs will provide festival goers with a whole new and unmissable dimension to festival camping!

    Alongside access to all standard public areas of the city, citizens of this brand new residential quarter, which is based in a prime central location of the festival, will have access to site wide secret private bars, exclusive fine food outlets and exclusive toilet and shower facilities within the area as well as access to zooloos across site also included. In addition to these first list of added extras included in the ticket package will also be a Boomtown Springs entrance, close proximity car parking option, and plenty of space to set up camp for those wanting to bring their own tent.   

    In addition, for those who would like a bit more comfort there will be the option to book a range of pre-pitched boutique accommodation.  More information to be announced.

    Whilst tickets are limited, all current ticket holders will have the opportunity to upgrade their standard tickets to include Boomtown Springs to access the theatrical extravaganza, convenient facilities and madcap activities on offer!

    More details here: 



    28 February 2018

    Our tenth chapter has been the fastest selling fair in Boomtown history, and with just under six months to go we are completely sold out!

    Biggest love and massive thank you to everyone joining us for our 10th Chapter celebrations in August, we're totally blown away the sheer support you've all given us!!

    For those who didn't quite get round to securing your ticket, there will be a couple of very limited options to still come along. These include the ticket resale in June and brand new Paradise Gardens Hospitality packages..


    Although we are fully sold out of all standard and travel package festival tickets, there will still be a couple of opportunities for those yearning to join us for this year’s celebrations to get involved!

    We will be running a very limited resale of unclaimed deposit tickets in June. Anyone looking for a ticket should register here to be the first be informed when they are released. There will also be an opportunity to safely resell your ticket to the festival at the end of April.

    Also, watch this space for more details as we will also be launching the brand new Paradise Gardens ‘Hospitality’ package in the next few weeks.



    Unfortunately, every year we have increasing amounts of reports of fraudulent tickets being sold on. We can’t ensure that tickets purchased from any third party sources are genuine and are we’re afraid that any invalid or duplicate barcodes will not be allowed entry into the festival site.

    Changing the name on your ticket:
    The only way to gain entry to the festival is to have a valid ticket with your name on it (matching your I.D!) You can update names within your Ticket Sellers account a maximum of two times. If you purchase a ticket from a friend, you must ensure that they update the name on the ticket.

    If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please report it immediately to the Police as well as to Action Fraud.



    If for any reason you are no longer able to come and join us for the fair this year, for 3 months only (March - June) we will be offering the chance for people to get a full refund (minus booking fee...) 



    27 February 2018

    Copper County, formerly known as Wild West, is set to make its debut this summer...  The newly designed industrial town is the backdrop for one of the largest, immersive and theatrical experiences ever to be showcased at a festival. Curated by The Antiquated Theatre of Varieties, ‘A Grande Reviewe The Lost Time After Boom’ is a show that embraces both the industrial revolution and Boomtown’s unfolding storyline. Robber barons, wild horses, strikes, and gun fights will make a dramatic appearance as the old meets the new amongst mysteries and comedy.  Performed across a specially designed set that includes four actor led venues, and numerous hidden corridors, rooms, nooks and crannies to explore, over 150 performers will interact with each other and festival goers alike to bring the fictitious district alive.  

    The show will be underpinned by a myriad of music genres that include everything from world, folk and jazz through to blues and americana bluegrass. This melting pot of musical cultures come together at the district’s famous main stage The Old Mines, which represents the mixed roots of the festival where music spans the globe and generates an eclectic soundtrack. Enchanting duo Amadou & Mariam will be returning for Chapter 10, bringing their trademark  polyrhythmic melodies to the stage, ready to transport people to their African homeland in Mali. Bridging Cuba and Jamaica, Havana Meets Kingston bring one of the most anticipated World performances to Winchester, whilst  Billy Bragg’s anti-austerity music seamlessly mirrors Boomtown’s own immersive storyline and political ethos. Syrian native Omar Soulyman pulls influence from the Middle East, blending traditional Kurdish music with electronica edge whilst Sudanese-American Alsarah & The Nubatones will be performing a soulful blend of afrobeats and world music.

    Celebrating everything from blues to country Rusty Spurs, the mecca for foot stomping, remains host to an eclectic mix of all time greats including the South West’s Hodmaddery with their distinctive, intricate vocals and mix of traditional and contemporary folk. They are joined by Zipheads who bring their unique style of Rock’n’Roll with an Irish finish. The Urban Voodoo Machine, the self proclaimed owners of ‘Bourbon-soaked Gypsy Blues Bop ‘n’ stroll’, The Dirty Bourbon River Show fusing blues with New Orleans brass and Long John & the Killer Blues Collective taking British blues to the dark sideThese are just a few of the many acts who are all set to generate a furnace of fun on the well trodden dance floor of the Rusty Spurs barn.

    As the streets of Copper County transcend from sawdust and ranches, to smoke grimed alleyways and music halls, amidst the talk of strike and revolution Crazy Calamities is the place to leave your worries behind you and enjoy the sounds of  The Midnight Zu, Benji & Hibbz, DubMarta to The Barefoot Bandit, Hosteppas, Swinghoppers and Dirty Boots to Yes Man Jellyfish, all of which are just some of the acts on offer.  

    This is just one district line up of 14 unique area line-ups, along with four mega stage line-ups still to be released. Keep an eye on the newsletter and follow TwitterFacebook & Instagram to keep up to date with all the news over the coming weeks.



    23 February 2018

    It’s time for the first (of many) brand new districts celebrations, in the form of our dedicated punk, metal and ska district; Diss-order Alley! Our punk and metal community has been steadily growing over the past few years and with the demand evident, Chapter 10 will see three new live venues pop up in the city; The Last Gang in Town presents Hangar 161 (ska, punk), The Earache Factory (punk, grindcore, stoner and psyche) and The Skankin’ (straight up ska!!) as well as the upgraded and expanded Freak Boutique Punk bar.

    Ready to shine a light on some of the most influential underground bands, this new area will play host to a multitude of system challenging, thought provoking and knee bending live acts on the circuit across each of the district venues:

    Last Gang in Town presents Hangar 161, an evolution of the historical Devil Kicks Dancehall, this abandoned aeroplane hangar is a mecca for all punks and serious ska heads to celebrate a whole spectrum of favourites from the last four decades with the likes of; long standing Californian band Voodoo Glow Skulls, political hardcore from Capdown as they mash-up punk with drum & bass, and Boston originators Jaya the Cat will be serving up their own remedy of punk reggae.

    All new for this year, one of the most respected and longest standing independent labels in the UK (Earache Records) will be curating their very own venue; The Earache Factory. Located in the heart of Diss-order Alley, the line up will feature some of the best in Punk, Metal, Grindcore, Stoner and Psyche; ranging from world renowned legends to the hottest new heavy bands on the scene. Acts include; Max Cavalera’s anti-austerity heavy-as-funk Brazilian tribal Metal band Soulfly, high energy grindcore pioneers Napalm Death and New Jersey experimental band Ho99o9 whose dark hip hop fuses with punk. Metalcore from industry influencers Earth Crisis and Liverpudlian doom metal band CONAN are just a handful of what can be found this new intimate venue.

    “Boomtown Fair is one of the most unique and thriving festivals in the UK and it’s a privilege to be a part of it for Chapter 10. We are on a mission to bring heavy music to the masses and big credit goes to everyone at Boomtown for welcoming us with open arms… We have a varied line up that should go down a storm but we have tried to book bands with a purpose, bands that mean something and are fighting for positive change in this world. Bring your earplugs.”
    Tom Hadfield, Head of Live Music - Earache

    The Skankin’, goes on a journey through ska with; seven piece Derby band Lightyear fusing ska, punk, funk and hip-hop, [spunge] the raw and raucous ska-punk troupe from that bring all knees in the room right up to the ceiling, as well as four piece East Londoners, Buster Shuffle with their supersonic live shows that leave crowds bellowing out for more.

    Freak Boutique Punk Bar will be bringing the most ferocious of bands to the dissident delinquents of Diss-order Alley spanning all subgenres of punk. Brassick, The Dancing Morons and Killdren are just some of the best in hard hitting underground music on offer!

    “We're seriously excited about expanding on the heavy live music side of the festival ... The first event I ever put on was a heavy metal gig when I was 16 and have been in various thrash / punk / metal bands ever since, so to represent such an amazing musical culture within the context of Boomtown is insanely exciting and I can’t wait to see where this takes us.”
    Lak Mitchell, Boomtown Co-founder

    As part of our ever evolving storyline Diss-order Alley is themed around a military base that has been abandoned and overtaken by an autonomous community of punks. Attendees are encouraged to embrace their inner characters and immerse themselves into these new intricately designed venues...



    20 February 2018

    Chapter 10 celebrations are taking our Psytrance offerings to another level this year!  

    An integral part of the festival’s melting pot of musical genres since Chapter 7 it continues to grow, bringing the Trance, Techno, Hi-Tech and Psycore communities together across three psychedelic venues; all hidden amongst our wooded wonderland.

    Curated by the UK’s Psy promoters, IllumiNaughty, Tribe of Frog and Hitechnicians, the sandy dancefloors combine a range of Psy from huge international artists, to grassroots underground, representing the very best in the Psychedelic universe from PsyDub to Psytrance to PsyCore.

    Leading the way at the Psychedelic Forest stage this year are four international headliners; Shpongle who will be performing live in the form of Simon Posford, Raja Ram and Michelle Adamson, alongside BlissGMS, and Freedom Fighters. Sunday will see the Pantheon Techno Takeover which includes headliners Charlotte De Witte with her uncompromising techno sets, Enrico Sangiulianoand Extrawelt.

    The multifarious, collective, communal nature of Tribe of Frog will yet again be present with the best in psytrance and progressive with the likes of Bom Shanka Music and 24/7 Records hosting sessions on the open air stage, and SineriderPsymmetrixDirty Saffiand Earthling to name but a few.

    Hitechnicians intense psychedelia embrace the dark arts of the deepest underground experimental sound of Hi-tech and Psycore with artists such as: Ugly Ducky, Apollyon, Pastor John and Astral Labyrinth.

    This is just one district line-up of seven unique district line-ups, along with four mega stage line-ups still to be released. Keep an eye on the  newsletter  and follow TwitterFacebook & Instagram to keep up to date with all the news over the coming weeks...


    15 February 2018

    After the mammoth response to our initial ‘headliners’ release last week; we now get to announce our first district, where jazz, folk, funk and soul are offered up at our festival-within-a-festival: Whistlers Green.

    Sat atop the festival overlooking the awe inspiring vistas of the South Downs National Park, Whistlers Green goes back to the very roots of festival culture; celebrating the musical genres that spawned the modern day festival movement, folk and jazz, as well as the grassroots movements that first found space to grow within community focused events such as; political activism, ethical and organic food production, healing and alternative medicine, yoga, meditation, veganism, forest school outdoor adventure education, and the local Farmers’ Market. As well as space for discussion and proactive thought in the Speakers’ Corner and the inspiring and adventurous Kidztown area with its very own interactive street set and activities for all ages.

    In addition to the already announced headliners for The Windmill stage; Maribou State, Bilal and Jah Wobble and The Invaders of the Heart; are some of the leading females in the jazz world right now, including the velvet vocals and modern blues sounds of Zara Macfarlane, the hard hitting Sampa the Great, whose words of wisdom and female empowerment will ignite and inspire all in attendance. Returning collective Nubiyan Twist will once again take their audience on a voyage of discovery, steering an eclectic ship of musical genres with infectious melodies and basslines that draw inspiration from jazz, hip hop, latin and afro music. Blue Lab Beats will be mixing electronica with live layered instrumentation and sweet vocals; Alfamist converses through harmony and hip hop infused rhythms, whilst Mammal Hands build intensity with ethereal blues that create a whirlwind of emotions with captivating musicianship. Vels Trio blend psychedelic induced funk and soul creating infectious grooves and the constantly changing ensemble, The Fat Suit deliver some of the most exciting contemporary jazz in production right now.

    Over the past couple of years Speakers’ Corner has become one of the festivals most exciting stages. Providing a space for an eclectic mix of speakers to discuss the hot topics circulating in society today to spark debate, educate and share, in an environment of respect and understanding. Speakers this year include; Jordan Stephens from Rizzle Kicks will be talking about Toxic Masculinity and the effect it has on society today, for men and women. Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of The Green Party, discussing the party and it’s future vision. Jess Thom, Tourettes Hero, returns, breaking down barriers around Tourettes and Rants n Bants who rose to internet fame through his refusal to hold anything back, will be...ranting!

    Truly a space for all generations, Whisters Green also houses the endless discoveries Kidztown has to offer; hands on craft and circus workshops, storytelling, puppetry, comedy and face painting, through to the skate ramp, bouncy castle and Forest School. Designed by youth experts to encourage a sense of adventure, curiosity and creativity, this interactive space also includes baby and toddler tents, and its own relaxing main stage, Sandcastle stage. With PG rated bands from across the festival and hand picked entertainment, it meets even the most discerning mini Boomer’s musical and entertainment needs


    8 February 2018

    Hot off the heels of the official Chapter 10 trailer, our full headliners line up for Chapter 10 has been announced, perfectly summing up the evolution of our multifaceted event over the past decade. 

    Joining the Gorillaz 2018 UK exclusive headlining slot are South African trio Die Antwoord, ‘Rollin’ rap-rockers Limp Bizkit, three time Grammy winner Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, returning Godfather of reggae Jimmy Cliff, soulful vocals and African polyrhythms from Amadou & Mariam, downtempo trip hop from Morcheeba, and anti-austerity punk music from Sleaford Mods, seamlessly mirroring our own immersive storyline and political undertones; plus over 200 more acts across the 27 ‘main’ stages, nine theatrical districts and forest parties on this initial release.

    This headliners release covers a mere selection of the acts that can be found on nine of our 27 main stages. 

    All nine unique district line-ups, along with four mega stage line-ups will be released every Tuesday and Friday from the 13th February...



    6 December 2017

    Fresh from completing a hugely successful world tour for their recent album Humanz, the Gorillaz are joining us with their superior musicianship and visual mastery at a live show not to be missed, in the awe inspiring surroundings of our remastered Lion’s Den amphitheatre.

    It is such an exciting collaboration for us, teaming up with an outfit that also shines a light on underground artists from an eclectic range of musical genre and a strong emphasis on politically tinged narrative and characterisation. We can't wait for the 2018 which promises a show with supreme dedication to the highest production levels. 

    ‘Having Gorillaz perform on our newly rebuilt Lion’s Den arena is beyond anything we could have imagined when we first started 10 years ago! It’s unbelievably exciting to start collaborating for this one off show next summer and to delve into all the ways in which we can make the very most of the similarities between our musical styles and story based performance!’

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