MKFM’s Green Weeks

    To coincide with Earth Day (22/04), MKFM is going green for the next two weeks and there's a chance for you to win £250 to spend at IKEA.

    We know everyone wants to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle and do their bit to look after the environment, but sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to turn your life completely green.

    So we've got two weeks of easy, practical eco-friendly tips that are achievable and a start to making a difference in helping the environment.


    We've also got £250 to spend at IKEA up for grabs to help you improve your personal environment.

    How to enter

    Just answer this question by having read our green tips below.

    Green tips

    1. By just turning off taps when you brush your teeth or installing a low-flow shower head, you can save hundreds of litres of water every year, how easy is that.

    2. Energy-efficient appliances can reduce consumption and lower carbon emissions, that combined with the lower energy bills means it might just be worth investing in some.

    3. Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based meals can reduce your carbon footprint. You don’t need to go meat-free, but a little change in your diet can go a long way.

    4. We love our cars, but if you could walk or use a bike just once a week it makes a real difference to vehicle emissions, and it's good for your heart.

    5. One of the simplest ways to contribute to a greener world is to make sure you turn off lights in rooms that aren’t being used, simple as that.

    6. When you’re cooking, use lids on pots and match the pan size to the burner size. It all helps to reduce your energy consumption and even speeds up your cooking.

    7. If you can, spread awareness about eco-friendly practices. You don’t need to be preachy about it, but if you can help people save money whilst also helping the environment it must be worth a mention.

    8. Setting your heating just 2 degrees lower can save you a massive 10% on the energy bill, and you look great in jumpers, so you’ll be a winner in the eco, money, and style world, fab. 

    9. Filling up the car with petrol is expensive. So make sure that your tires are at the proper pressure because if they aren’t, they could be reducing the efficiency of your car and ultimately costing you money.

    10. Get your butt out! By using a garden water butt to collect rainwater for plants, you can save on water bills, reduce water waste, and also your carbon footprint. So as I say, get your butt out.

    11. Turning the TV off at the wall is a pain. But if you can manage that two meters, you hero, then you’ll be saving the planet and money on your energy bill, because standby isn’t really off, off is off.

    12. 9.5 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year? It’s not just a huge waste of food and money, but adds to the CO2 and methane gasses from landfills. So cook smaller meals and save the planet, your wallet, and your waistline.

    13. In 2014, we used 7.6 billion plastic bags in the UK. In 2023, we used 133 million. Now that's a big change and a great example of little changes, leading to a BIG change.

    14. As a nation of tea lovers, this might be the best energy-saving tip we’ve got. Only boil the water you need for your brew. It saves energy, takes less time to boil, and so you can be dipping your biscuit in a nice brew that much quicker, (Slurp)Nice.

    MKFM Green Weeks supported by IKEA Milton Keynes.

    Terms and Conditions

    • MKFM's standard terms and conditions apply to this and all competitions on MKFM - MKFM Terms and Conditions
    • In addition, the entry mechanic described above forms part of the rules.
    • Entries are open from Monday 22nd April 2024 until 23:59 on 5th May 2024.
    • The winner will be selected by generating a random number corresponding to the order in which entries have been received.
    • By entering the competition, you are agreeing to be identified as a winner and you may be asked to take part in some publicity activity (e.g. photo calls with local press).
    • This competition is intended for our local audience on FM. As such, to be eligible to claim the prize, entrants must live in our FM broadcast area (which covers the Borough of Milton Keynes including Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Wolverton, Woburn Sands and Bletchley, and the nearby towns of Woburn, Olney, Cranfield and Ampthill). Alternatively, entrants must work within this area for at least five day a week. Evidence of employment at the time of winning will be required and is subject to MKFM's judgement.
    • As with all MKFM competitions, current MKFM staff and volunteers and their immediate families are not allowed to enter. 

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