Mayo takes you through the night with his obscure take on events and some of the biggest tunes. 

    He's guaranteed to make you laugh every evening whether you're at home, at work or in the car.

    Check out the show from 8pm on Monday to Thursday nights.

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    About Mayo

    My hometown before MK - I was a bit of a drifter for a fair while before moving back to MK. I could be found here, there and everywhere. I did a lot of trying to grow up in Beanhill when I was younger though.

    The best thing about Milton Keynes – I'd probably have to say myself... and the glamour.

    My first jobs – When I was 16 I used to work in Card Factory before taking a very long lunch break 2 weeks in... it's still ongoing come to think of it. I also worked in Next Clearance for a really long time. Well... saying "worked" is a stretch... I turned up. Usually. Then just odd jobs... bar work and that.

    When I’m not on the radio – I am a stand up comedian so I'm usually travelling around the UK being a show off. I also sometimes press play to start the music at MK11.

    My favourite artists we play are – Any British punk/indie rock that Vicki McCarthy sticks on on a Sunday.

    If I won on the MK Secret Sound – I would probably buy some Jaffa Cakes.

    Favourite Food – It depends. I'll love something and then eat it to death until I hate it. Right now I can't stop eating chocolate coins. I nearly hate them.

    I dislike – Being underestimated... and moths.

    Apart from my show, my favourite show is - I like Vicki McCarthy's local music show, she has Rock & Roll in the heart. Greg does good work with Drive too... he has a very uplifting demeanour about him.

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