Irish Jo

    Jo is here to keep you company early in the morning. She'll play you chilled out tunes and have a chat from 5am on weekend mornings.


    Hometown before MK – Another country Ireland, Wicklow (its known as the garden of Ireland) #grassroots 😂 

    Best Thing About MK – Postcodes, I’m bad at directions. 

    When not on radio I like – To spend time with my family, go to the gym or you’ll find me in a bar on a Thursday with my bestie Gill (she’s in sales, has a great love life and is fun to listen to) 

    My first job was – Why I realised I want to end up working for myself. 

    My favourite artists we play are – Rihanna and Beyoncé.

    If I won The MKFM Mystery Voice I would – Hope Darren never found out who told me. 

    Favourite Food – Edible pasta. 

    My tipple is – Porn Star Martini, again this is because of Gill.

    I dislike - Milk, except in my tea.

    Apart from my show, my favourite MKFM show is – Greg Burnet, sorry Darren and Lia but let’s face it, I’m always late for work and miss most of yours!

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