Producers on the hunt for novice cooks from Milton Keynes to take part in new TV show

    Is your cooking inedible and the takeaway menu never far from your reach?! Does someone in your life deserve to be treated to a fantastic feast?

    BBC One's Mary Berry’s Fantastic Feasts is casting now and looking for inexperienced cooks who want to surprise their family/friends/loved ones this winter!

    Producers are looking for engaging and charismatic teams of three (within the same family, circle of friends or colleagues), from Milton Keynes, who can’t cook and would like to SURPRISE their friends, family or colleagues with a celebratory feast for an upcoming special occasion.

    The occasion could be anything from a wedding celebration dinner, Christmas party, engagement, special birthday, anniversary, leaving or welcome home party, graduation, retirement, or any other celebration.

    Anyone interested in finding out more should email the team at with their name, contact number and a few details about themselves and their team.


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