Elevating customer experience in e-commerce through strategic OMS implementation

    An Order Management System, commonly abbreviated as OMS, is a digital way of managing an order’s lifecycle. So, how exactly can OMS implementation improve the customer experience?

    How the Right OMS Implementation Can Impact Customer Experience

    OMS or order management systems play a vital role in e-Commerce stores, especially in ensuring customer demands are met, and the expectations exceeded from the beginning to the end. By receiving, tracking, and fulfilling all clients’ orders, the OMS system contributes to a positive customer experience. Read on to find out how.

    Understanding OMS through the Lens of Customer Experience

    Inventory is one of the biggest costs for a product business. This is because you need to constantly keep track of what gets in and what gets out. A good OMS system will help you do exactly that so your clients have a smooth shopping experience.

    For instance, if your e-Commerce store deals with clothes and outfits, you need to update the available sizes and colors. This can be quite time-consuming and susceptible to human errors. With a strategic OMS solution, the system automatically updates the available products. The real-time updates enable accurate and quick dispatch of products. Most of them have automated order fulfilment capabilities, where a client can track the progress of their orders.

    The Essential OMS Features for Winning Customer Hearts

    Quality OMS systems, such as OneStock, are equipped with a variety of features to streamline and optimise the order-to-cash process. It is meant to satisfy the clients while still enhancing the overall efficiency of your business operations. Some of the features include:

    • Proper inventory management to maintain optimal stock levels
    • Multi-channel integration with all your digital and physical channels
    • Automation for all orders to accelerate the fulfilment and timely dispatch
    • Convenient integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems for personalised customer experiences
    • Efficient handling of returns and refunds
    • Real-time reports on order statuses

    Real-Life Success Stories: OMS as a Catalyst for Customer Delight

    One of the companies that has had real success with OMS is Ted Baker, an online apparel shop for high-end fashion. The brand was looking for different ways to improve its customers’ shopping experience while still providing the best in its class.

    By implementing OneStock OMS, Ted Baker achieved real-time visibility of its inventory and orders across all channels. The system also enabled Ted Baker minimise lost sales due to ‘sold-outs’ which can hugely contribute to abandoned carts. It also reduced logistical costs that come with order fulfilment, thus making it all easier for customers to place their order requests regardless of their location.

    Within one year of using the OneStock OMS, Ted Baker had managed to fulfil more than 100,000 additional orders from its 30 stores. This represents an 8% increase in the UK’s turnover for e-commerce.

    How OMS Facilitates Seamless Omni-Channel e-Commerce Experiences

    A good OMS system compiles data from different transaction channels such as physical stores, contact centres, and online platforms. It facilitates a seamlessly comprehensive approach to order management across different areas. The centralised order management provides you with a unified view of all the orders regardless of the channels used to order. Besides enhancing visibility, it also streamlines the operations.

    Since these areas (countries) may have different currencies, these systems have instant conversions so that a customer in the UK finds the prices in EUR while one in the US gets USD. This has made it more convenient for customers to complete their orders quickly.

    Conclusion: Prioritizing OMS to Redefine e-Commerce Customer Experience

    As you can see, the OMS synchronises all your products, futures, stock, and orders to display reliable data to your customers. Happy and satisfied customers will report a positive experience to other potential clients and make return purchases. In the long run, prioritising OMS simplifies all processes while boosting your sales.

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