Morrisons cafes in Milton Keynes are selling fry ups for less than £2

    The offer, which sees the price of cooked breakfasts slashed by half, will be lasting for four weeks.

    This means that customers can get a fry up with sausage, bacon, fried egg, grilled tomato, baked beans and toast for just £1.87.

    For those customers looking for the full works including mushrooms, black pudding and hashbrowns as well as extra sausages and bacon then the Morrisons Full English Breakfast is just £2.75 along with the Veggie or Vegan Breakfast options.

    Morrisons breakfasts are available all day every day and the offer is valid in all Morrisons cafes from Monday 30th August until Sunday 26th September. 

    Ali Lyons, Head of Cafes at Morrisons, said: “A traditional cooked breakfast has long been a Great British treat. As the nation returns to work and school we wanted to offer our customers a hearty meal, at an unbeatable price, to ensure they are setting themselves up for the day. 

    “Many of our customers are key workers and don’t work traditional office hours, so we’ve made sure that the discount is valid all day so no matter what time you’re eating breakfast, customers can take advantage of the offer in our cafes.”

    There are two Morrisons cafes in Milton Keynes - one in the supermarket at Elder Gate and the other in the supermarket in Westcroft. 

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