Sacks or bins? Milton Keynes Council want to know what you think on waste and recycling in the city

    Milton Keynes Council are looking for your thoughts on waste and recycling as part of a consultation with residents.

    The consultation provides the opportunity for residents and stakeholders to share views on the proposed waste collection service to be implemented from April 2023.

    Its purpose is to inform how the Council intend to deliver the waste collection service and increase recycling rates.

    Milton Keynes Council say they are committed to a weekly collection service for waste that cannot be recycled and our area continues to be one of the top recyclers in the UK.

    But the city's ambition to become a greener city and improve waste collection services means there is a need to review how waste is collected.

    Currently about 20% of the recycling the Council receive contains the wrong items.

    And the Council say that evidence shows that using wheeled bins leads to cleaner streets. Current arrangements mean that sacks left on the street can burst or be ripped open by animals.

    But they want to hear from you before any plans are implemented. You can respond to the consultation online by clicking here.

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